Can my employee leave without notice?

No, we sign a mutual 30-day notice with all of our employees.

Do your employees speak good English?

Yes, we only accept developers who speak English well enough to ensure clear, productive communication.

Are there any additional fees to the weekly salary?

No, we have 0 fees; we provide everything.

Where are your developers located?

We have two office locations in India, One in Pune and one in Rajkot.

Can I interview and test the candidate before hiring?

Yes, you can.

Are there any upfront fees?

No, there are zero upfront fees.

Can I see the candidate’s resume and portfolio?

Sure, we provide you with the resumes and portfolios for the shortlisted candidates we find for you.

Is my confidentiality protected?

Yes, we don’t share ANY of our client’s info. In addition, all employees sign an NDA when starting to work.

Who owns the intellectual property rights?

YOU and only you.